Church Mission Society (CMS)

CMS is a community of people who have been set free to follow God’s call in mission. Thousands of people from all walks of life are part of Church Mission Society – praying, learning and acting together in pursuit of that call.
CMS believe that every Christian – and ultimately every person – is called to join in God’s mission and has the potential to bring challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world. Many things hinder the call of mission including confusion, fear, busy-ness, lack of resources, lack of support; the list goes on. 
Currently, there are Church Mission Society people in 40 countries across Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe and the UK. Some have been sent from Britain and Europe, some have been sent by their local church in partnership with us, some through our sister societies CMS-Africa and Asia CMS. And we are committed to helping Christians in the UK receive the gifts of the global Church . 

Church Mission Society
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